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Our 2023 newsletter picks are beating the S&P 500 61% of the time for a yearly annualized beat of 61%. (As of 11/27) After our 2022 newsletter trades showed a 52.87% trade profit in about 3+ months from our first publication.

Retail investors face a lot of challenges competing against institutions with massive advantages in technology and information. In 2020 alone institutions spent $1.1B on alternative data. Prospero’s mission is to level the playing field for retail investors by offering free AI powered signals built on top of joint IP with NYU. But helping investing become more prosperous for all is not just about these signals. We are also passionate about investment education. This newsletter is one of the many ways we will help retail investors improve their outcomes.

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Empowering investors with free hedge fund-level stock/market research. This letter trains investors in a process that improves win rates. 2023 letter picks are beating the S&P500 at a 61% rate, an annualized beat of 61% as of 11/27 (2022 trades 200%+)


George Kailas 

CEO, Prospero.Ai - Long time deep value investor turned AI enthusiast with a mission to educate people in investing and equalize the financial markets